• Image of Custom Pack 2 Drum Library
  • Image of Custom Pack 2 Drum Library
  • Image of Custom Pack 2 Drum Library


The Custom Pack 2 Drum Library takes the powerful drum sounds you dream of, and brings them to life.


What is included?

Mapex Saturn V
Kick - 22x20
Tom 1 - 10x8
Tom 2 - 12x8
Tom 3 - 16x16

Ludwig Black Beauty

14x6.5 Snare (High and Low tunings + Sidestick)

Meinl Cymbals

14" Byzance Dry Hats
18" MB20 Crash
18" Byzance Traditional China
19" Byzance Brilliant Crash
20" Byzance Dry Ride
6" Bell
7" Byzance Splash
14" Gen X Mini China
Electro Stack

Each drum is available as both Raw [UP] and Processed [P]. Raw drums include each mic option exactly as the drum was recorded. For example, the Ludwig Black Beauty Snare has a fader for 3 Top mics (Audix i5, Shure Beta 57, Neumann KM184) Bottom mic (Shure Beta 57), Overheads (Neumann TLM49) and Room (Aston Spirit) for you to blend and mix to your own taste.

Processed drums are pre-mixed and summed down to Direct, Room and Reverb.

*Available in WAV, GOG, TCI (Trigger) and NKI (Kontakt 4 & 5) formats*

Recorded through API, Neve, Great River, SSL and Malcolm Toft pre-amps into Apogee AD/DA @ Aubitt Studios, UK.

All Kontakt programming by Reece Wolff.

Custom Pack 2 was created by Myroslav Borys and Joe Lewis-Brown. Commercial use is allowed. This product MAY NOT be shared or distributed in any illegal manner.